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Does anyone send postcards anymore?

Does anyone send postcards anymore?

Up until this generation became glued to anything that is backlit, the mark of a friendship was who you sent cards and postcards to. Receiving mail from someone still leaves a warm glow today as they have taken the time to think of you, buy a card, then take the trouble to mail it. There is nothing like a mail to make you feel loved. Emails, ecards and text messages just don’t evoke the same feel. When you’re working abroad looking out for the mail always gets your heart racing for news of home and opening your email folder never quite has the same effect.


Media would have you believe that mail is a dying industry with the advent of the digital age. It has slowed down, but sending a packet of chewing gum and a bicycle for your birthday by email presents quite a challenge, and some people still value something they can hold and display. Postcard mailing services all over the world have taken on online mailing services, and are holding out quite nicely, thank you very much!


The main reason the two can work together is that they serve two different functions. A postcard mailing service sends out postcards as a physical thing, some even make an industry out of it, and an online mailing service delivers that postcard to a person wherever they are in the world. The online mailing service offers an indispensable service, like Pass the Post, where the physical mail is scanned in and sent as electronic mail to wait until it is collected by the recipient. Those working abroad, away from home for a while or slow traveling round Australia can all access their mail and never miss out on a thing.


Mail may not be around in the huge volumes it used to be, but it still exists and fills a necessity where electronic delivery fails. People, and businesses, will always send postcards. Online mailing services in Australia will only get busier with people now more mobile and eager to travel.  And as people travel, they, of course, will send more postcards.


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