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Privacy Policy

At Pass the Post we take your privacy very seriously.  Please note our privacy and confidentiality policy:

  • All information received by Pass The Post is treated as strictly confidential and in accordance with appropriate privacy legislation.
  • No information received is passed on to any other parties unless at the specific written request of the owner who initially forwarded that information to Pass The Post.
  • Information, such as customer’s personal details, are retained only long enough to complete the Registration period requirements and then deleted from our systems.
  • Information is only accessed by authorised Pass The Post staff and/or approved consultants as required, to enable us to conduct our business efficiently and effectively in a professional manner and for our customers’ best interests.
  • Pass The Post does not supply lists of names, contacts, directories of services etc. to any party for any use.
  • Pass The Post is not a distributor for any other party, nor do we adopt the role of being a distributor for unrequested advertising material in any form. The purpose of Pass The Post is to offer a service for travellers who require their personal mail to be forwarded to their current location while away from their normal fixed residence.