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There are many reasons to use an online mail service – redirecting mail is only one of them

There are many reasons to use an online mail service – redirecting mail is only one of them

On our Facebook page we have been discussing the reason why you would want to use an online mail service. Most people know that you can use it to redirect your mail, but is that really the limit to its usefulness? With a little creative thinking and a computer there are many ways an online mail redirection service can help you.

Keeping you in touch. It doesn’t matter where you go in the world, or how you go, we can keep you up to date and in touch. You need never worry about missing out on a family event, the latest pictures or a bank statement as we can keep them safe and with you at the same time. The worry of unopened mail at home is no longer a worry,  we can help with anything that you need whilst you travel. There is a certain confidence that allows you to enjoy your travels more knowing all the important things are there for you, whether it’s for business or pleasure. Knowing you won’t miss out gives you the freedom to go where you will without the worry.

Keeping people in touch with you. It may sound logical, but in a world where travel is possible to most areas of the world, a ‘gap’ year is becoming more and more popular amongst the young – and not so young – you may need to keep in touch with them.  There is an army of grey nomads that travel the globe in various ways, and it can be hard to think they are ‘so far away’, but with our online mail redirection service they can be kept in touch with you and you can hear of their travels as they happen. The same goes for ‘gap year’ travellers who are free to travel, but kept in touch with home and family wherever they go – and in touch immediately. Then you can rest assured you will know they are safe and enjoying the experience.

Anonymity.  One of the strengths of an online mail service is that your private address is protected. If you do a lot of internet shopping for instance, and want to separate your address from your credit card number, then our service will allow afford you that luxury. If you are working with a deceased estate you may also need to have a holding place for the mail, or for it to reach multiple users at the same time, we can provide this for you. You may also need the same for a legal case or other situations where you don’t want to reveal your address such as internet site interaction or business matters. With a start up business an address that is not residential looks more professional, and can help you control your mail.

Emigration. The world truly is a small place and many people move continents for a myriad of reasons. It may be for work, for family or just for a better quality of life, but it means that for a period of time you are in rented  accommodation, or moving around to find somewhere to settle. A permanent address is something that means all your important documents and mail will find you as soon as they arrive, and reduce the stress of establishing yourself in a new country.

Relocation. New employment or a temporary move with your current employer may mean that you have to establish yourself in a new area. It can take time to find the right place to stay, or where you need to be, so a temporary address will help you keep in touch with everything you need, or even may need, whilst you set up home. It may be you travel around for work, and a place for you to log in and catch up is better for you, whatever you need, we can help.

We are here to help make your travel as stress free as possible. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, we are here to make sure you never miss a beat and have the peace of mind to know that everything will reach you as soon as it arrives. We understand you need to make decisions and keep life moving on, and we can help you. So whether it’s bills or birthday cards – we’ll keep you together.


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