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Why being a Grey Nomad is a pleasure, a responsibility – and a privilege.

Why being a Grey Nomad is a pleasure, a responsibility – and a privilege.

All of us sit at our desks all our working lives and dream about retiring and traveling the world. For most people it’s 10 minutes of daily escapism that never comes to fruition, but for those that dream the  dreams and pay the price to  make them come true – it’s a golden era they were born for. Being a grey nomad is a dream to  harbor as who cannot wait for the day they lock the front door, climb into their high tech and gleaming RV the size of Alice Springs and drive off leaving a red dusty trail in the sunset. But exactly how much preparation does it take to become a grey nomad?

It’s easy to look at the army of mature travelers and assume they retired on a Tuesday and said to themselves, ‘Let’s travel the world’, and were in Hong Kong by suppertime. It’s really not that easy. It would be better to look at a grey nomad and be in awe of their resourcefulness. Traveling the world and keeping a house at home doesn’t happen by chance. It takes years of careful planning and saving, then trimming down to have the least maintenance as possible. For many it is the decades of planning and saving that increase the joy of the freedom they find in their travels, and freedom it is.

With no commitments on their time, and often, their money, and a home on wheels, grey nomads can pick and choose where they go to, how long they stay and how they travel. If the world is an oyster – it’s grey coloured! There is a huge amount of pleasure in being free to keep your own time table, chart your own course and select your own narrative for days on end. There is no ‘prescription’ for a grey nomad; they come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life. Some take to the road for experience, some to fulfil a dream and some just to see what’s out there. Some work their way round the country, or the world, some return home at regular intervals, some go as the wind takes them – there is no ‘right way’ to nomad. You can carve out whatever road you want to take. The right to be this autonomous is a privilege. You are truly free.

To remain free, there is a price to pay. You have to have saved, or have made provisions, for the privilege, and saved for years. That means pensions, stocks, investments or other ways to finance the lifestyle. This important factor can also import an irony of epidemic proportions. All these types of finances can ‘tie’ you to home. Statements, transactions, business mail all has to go to one location to make sure it’s not ‘lost’. This factor has stopped many an intrepid traveler from venturing out of the driveway. The thought of being stuck in a foreign country with no money, or access to important information is a valid nightmare for any traveler.

Keeping in touch with family is another huge reason many prospective grey nomads do not fulfil their dream. It’s an understandable concern, but those days of lost mail and late news are a thing of the past in the digital age. Your mail can keep up with you, and will find your ‘mailbox’ before you have a chance to log on. Pass The Post can keep you completely up to date, with your money in your pocket and your grandchildren’s grad photo on your RV’s mantelpiece in such a fast and economical way, you’ll be hard pressed to draw breath and say ‘Phineas Fogg and Passepartout’. What could be better? The open road, the world at your feet and the knowledge your mail is in your secure mailbox and waiting for you at your next internet café. So why wait sign up to Click Here today and tick one off the to do list before you hit the open road

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